More photos of me

Here is some photos I got after some good times….


I love going out in public in this little red dress without any panties on. It gives my partner the opportunity to slide his hand up my thigh and finger my pussy in some public place.


Men tell me I have a nice pussy.

my arse gets fingered

my arse gets fingered

I get very hot and horny when my arse gets fingered while I am playing with a vibrator on my clit.



I like lots of hard cock in my pussy.



My gang bang!

This gallery contains 10 photos.

This is some photos from a gang bang that I had last year. Looking at these I can see why amateur porn is so much hotter than the commercial stuff. I really am cumming A LOT in these photos. I think you can always tell the difference between real and faked excitement. I’m pretty sure […]

A post from Dale.

Hello. I am one of The Friends of Messalina and I thought I would post a few of my favourite photos of Messalina for you to use (if you have a wank over these, send Messalina a photo of your cock or pussy – she would love it).


Those are my fingers. Lucky me!


What a magnificent back side. A true work of art and a pleasure to behold by all who see it.


What can I say? I pity anyone who has not had the pleasure of sliding his hot, hard, cum filled cock into that tight anus and exploding.

Everybody out there – let me know what you would like to see Messalina get up to. If it’s creative enough I’m certain the Friends of Messalina can talk her into it.

Dale :-)

My sexy adventure with rope.

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These photos are from a threesome I had where we experimented with ropes and blindfolds. It was a lot of fun but the most important photo is missing. We finished off with a cock in my pussy and another in my arse. But since there were only the three of us there was no one […]

Hello and welcome!

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Welcome to my website. As I have adventures I will be blogging them and showing off all the naughty pictures of me being a cum hungry slut! I hope everyone who sees these pictures will wank over them (as I do)! Feel free to post a comment or send me any feedback. I would also […]